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Sarees, Wall-hangings, Ladies-Garments, Dopattas, Scafs, Stoles, Runing miter, Bodars, Bed-sheet, Pillow cover etc.


Embroidery is needlework done for decorative purposes on items such as clothing, accessories, fabrics. It is an ancient art of threadwork which creates designs and pictures by sewing strands of material on to another layer of fabric. 

Traditional needlework i.e. Hand Embroidery is always in demand and considered as very rich, fashionable and elegant.


HA N D    E M B R O I D E R Y

JAM NEEDLEART has a comprehensive range of original & traditional hand embroidery in garments, scarves, T-Shirts, fabric yardages etc. which is very Rich and elegant.

Our hand embroidery is very rich having specialty in all kind of stitches like kaantha stitch, kashmiri stitch, cross stitch, Satin stitch, chikon stitch, shadow stitch, aari stitch, hand coading stitch, convent stitch,  etc. Most importantly, we can do a variety of hand embroidery on ready garments also.


MA C H I N E    E M B R O I D E R Y

We also do machine embroidery in any kind of fabrics & ready garments. One of the most important feature of our work is we also combine hand and machine embroidery making the items cheaper as well as very rich in look.


RE A D Y     G A R M E N T


We are also running a garment manufacturing unit where only export quality garments are made. We also supply ready garments like ladies kurties, tops, skirts, shirts with unique embroideries.

We also do jobwork of ladies hi-fashion garments for the exporters in Kolkata.

MA N    P O W E R

Inhouse:- 55 women artisans and 40 men artisans Out source 350 (approx) including men and women.

YO U    A R E    W E L C O M E

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Our Embroidery's

Kantha stitch |Chain Stitch |Cross Stitch | Arri Stitch | Chikon Stitch | French-knot Stitch | Parsi Stitch | Kasmiri Stitch | Lakhnow chikon Stitch | Lakhnow sadow Stitch | Conment Stitch | Net Stitch | Spring Stitch | Cherry Stitch | Satin Stitch | Botton holl Stitch | Dal Stitch | Fishbone Stitch & many more others stitches.